Back from LA – Hardcover barely on life support

I’m back, semi-rested, and commenters drank everything in my booze cabinet – nice.

For whomever asked, yes, I was at E3, but didn’t get to see much, as I was hustling my can all the time. I did get a look at Dead Rising, which is zombies, not ghosts, but is a lot of fun.

The big news upon my return is Sebastien retreating from the public eye until he has good news about the GB hardcover, which may mean we never see Seb again. For those of you who want to complain, feel free to do-so in a constructive manner. For those of you who want to complain that Proton Charging made you buy the book (you know how you are) and now you feel ripped off and want to blame me, get stuffed. Caveat Emptor, fanboy – welcome to the club, we all got bit.

UPDATE – Paul at Spook Central spotted awhile back a new forum for grousing about the Hardcover. It sounds like a good home for anyone with a gripe to air.

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