The article that just won’t die

E.Y. sent in a link to IGN, that references that awful WENN news item from last year. Stax has read the GB3 script, so his article is a lot more level headed, but he still picked up on the Ben Stiller item, which is so old as not to be credible any more.

UPDATE – Oh good, it’s starting all over.
In the wake of IGN’s post regarding GB3, has boiled the entire article down to a couple of dozen words, which comes out as “Aykroyd pens GB3 script, Bill Murray to be replaced by Ben Stiller.” This is turn get’s picked up by a dozen blogs, who are now reporting that Ben Stiller is replacing Bill Murray, which isn’t what the original article said at all.

I hate the internet.

UPDATE – I’d like to initiate Cinescape and the Internet Movie Database into the Too Lazy To Research club. Well done lads. Thanks for helping sort things out.

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