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A few quick notes – first off, the latest issue of Premiere magazine (July/August 2006) is the Comedy Issue. Besides a nice shot of Bill Murray, complete with nice commentary by Ivan Reitman, and besides a lot of Ivan Reitman and Harold Ramis commentary on comedy (including working on movies such as Ghostbusters) and besides the whole issue being a good read for any fan of comedy, and despite Ghostbusters not making it into the oral history of comedy much (only so much space to talk about a lot of films), they did have a nicely prominant picture of Slimer, and Ghostbusters topped the list of ghostly comedies.

Wry Spirits – Ghostbusters, All Of Me, The Ghost Breakers, Topper, Beetlejuice

On an unrelated note, any fan of Dr. Who should keep an eye out for the second series episode, Army of Ghosts, which as you might expect, is ripe for a Ghostbusters reference – I don’t normally note GB references, but as a fan of Dr. Who, this one was nice. Thanks Gargoyle_223.

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