Plugging Ghostbusters

Oooh, I love YouTube. Since it’s gone up, long-lost copies of The Bus Boy music video have turned up, amoung other priceless GB videos. But these few are particularly interesting, as they feature Dan Aykroyd and Bill Murray promoting the movie on The Tonight Show and Letterman.

Dan Aykroyd and Bill Murray on The Tonight Show

Dan Aykroyd talks about psychic phenomenon with Johnny Carson
Bill Murray joins Carson and Aykroyd
Dan talks about his favorite subject, the paranormal, and his grandfather, the crowd gets to watch the “successful test” clip, and better yet, we get to see a photo (one I’ve never seen before) of Aykroyd on the roof temple, getting hit with an aircannon. Awesome stuff.

Bill Murray on Letterman
Bill Murray gives Dave some swag.
Controversies! A naughty Zuul line!
And a supposedly false Murray/Aykroyd feud.

Man, I’d kill for that fly swatter. Plus listening to Murray talk about how they had to fight to keep a Zuul joke is top notch. And if that’s not enough, Dave, Bill, and an absent Dan become blood brothers.

[update] Paul at Spook Central has done a comprehensive scouring of YouTube for all things GB (including the above clips.) For the lazy amoung you, he also got a screengrab of Aykroyd getting hit by an air cannon.


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