Hudson makes annual ComicCon appearance, some GB3 talk

Promoting Snoop Dogg’s new horror film, Snoop Dogg Hood of Horror (say that five times fast), Ernie Hudson was inevitably asked about GB3 and gave a familiar answer.

“I’ve been hearing about Ghostbusters 3 for 20 years… Harold would love to [do it] and Dan would… Bill is the hold-out.”

This has been a stock answer for ten years now, but again, it’s always nice to hear that the gang is still willing, should production ever begin.

credit | Megan

[update] Whoops. The IGN writer credited Harold Ramis with being the director of both the movies. But everything you read online is cold, hard fact, right Patrick?

[update] Some quick fact checking took place, and the article now lists Ramis as co-star.

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