News round-up

If I wasn’t so tired, I’d make these separate posts, but I am. So very tired.

CNN has a great article on Bill Murray and his life today – “I tell people I’m retired.” Thanks Ryan!

Hip hop artist Mister FAB has a new track Ghost Riding, which, as you can guess, samples Ghostbusters heavily. For however long it stays up, or I can keep it up you can get it here – if you dig it, you might consider checking out his mix tape check out his website. I’m digging it – I’d crunk to it, but I’m old. And tired. Thanks to David-GBNJ

And Cracked magazine is back, and they’ve earned themselves a subscriber with coverage of both GB movies, a hilarious picture of Dan Aykroyd as a mountie, and a small feature on Bill Murray. Thanks me! I’ll post more on it later.

So tired.

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