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Return of the Ghostbusters

By on Sep 27, 2006 in FANS | 0 comments

Hank Braxton gave me the heads up on this over a month ago and I only now had a chance to watch it and post. How sad is that? I loved Freddy Vs. The Ghostbusters, but this time Braxton and co. appear to have set the bar high. At 80 minutes, it’s a feature length undertaking! Return of The Ghostbusters – coming...

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I feel so funky

By on Sep 27, 2006 in MUSIC | 0 comments

There are a lot of covers of the Ghostbusters theme – I haven’t made a point of cataloging them all. Others have done a far better job (anyone have a link for that GB music site with all the versions listed – please send.) But in this case I own the 12″, so I’d be remiss not to bring it up. And as a bonus, some kind soul has already...

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Harold Ramis – Dad of the Month

By on Sep 24, 2006 in MISC | 0 comments (proof that there is a website covering everything) made Harold Ramis thier Father of the Month. “A very powerful entertainment executive once said to me, ‘No matter how busy I get, I have dinner at least once a week with my kids,'” Ramis laughs. “In the real world, that’s a pathetic statement.” credit | Mr....

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Ray Parker Jr. on writing “Ghostbusters”

By on Sep 16, 2006 in MUSIC | 0 comments

A short but very informative interview with Ray Parker Jr., wherein he talks about the making of the song in a hurry. And then I thought, there’s no way you’re going to sing ‘Ghostbusters’ in a song and make it sound good, so instead of singing it, I’d have a crowd answer me.” The article even lists the various equipment he used to make the song...

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Buttons make me feel good

By on Sep 14, 2006 in MISC | 0 comments

As threatened months ago, I continue to look for ways to mark the 10 year mark for PC – the last batch of stickers came and went, so I thought I’d try something new (see above.) “And how can I get some?”, you might well ask. Easy! IN CANADA Send me a self-addressed, stamped envelope. IN US Send me a self-addressed envelope, and a dollar to...

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