Halloween: Costume Time

Well, Halloween is nearly upon us – in nice (if too short) timing, Make Magazine has posted someone’s instructions to making a GB costume. The Make Magazine crowd tend to be a bit over-the-top, wiring gadgets into everything. I can’t contend as to how accurate the props are, thought they do look good – and bear in mind, they seem to have moved away from movie accuracy in a few areas to accomodate practical mechanisms. A cool read for anyone interested in GB props. (thanks Ken)

This is an excellent time to direct people to gbprops.com – THE place to chat with other GB prop builders, learn some tricks, find plans, etc.

However, a good GB costume takes time and patience, so both links are better suited to next year’s Halloween. But, as I tend to get a lot of emails about costumes, I’ll resurrect, for the umpteenth year in a row, my Cheap N’ Easy GB costume. It won’t win you any contests, but you can put it together in mere days.

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