“Yes, have some.”

Well, it’s Christmas Halloween time, and that means parties. Now, there’s a growing number of Ghostbuster related drinks out there, mostly for the adults, but a few wise-souls have put their minds to concocting GB drinks for tots and teetotallers.

Courage’s slime green drink*
1 scoop lime sherbert
1 scoop ice chips
1 can Buku Bite energy drink

Blend, then drop a citrus wedge on top for a smile and two Shocktarts for eyes. It’s soooooper sour, so be sure to yell “He slimed me!” after your first belt. Any green carbonated drink can be substituted, but Courage swears by the Buku Bite.

However, given that the people who first saw Ghostbusters are now all grown up, it should be no surprise that there’s a wealth of warm and fuzzy, booze GB drinks.

Non-kid options;
Ecto-cooler (complex)
Ecto-cooler #2 (easy)
Slimer #1 (vodka)
Slimer #2 (rum)
Bill Murray and the Ghostbusters**

Or straight-up, a Dan Aykroyd favorite.

Patron Tequila

*Courage calls it a Slimer, which makes sense. But with two other drinks called a Slimer, I’m thinking it needs a name all its own.
** Basically a Boilermaker with brand name components.
*** He’s the Canadian distributor of the premium spirits.

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