Halloween: Costume Time Part 2

The costume pics keep comin’ – hopefully you all had a great and safe Halloween and you’ve already begun planning for next year!

LLCoolB – Ladies love a man in uniform.

More after the jump;

Andrew Boeche reaches out to the religious and undead communities.

Chris Tomlinson and crew put the proton boots to a slimmed down Stay-puft. The best part? The costumes were pulled together for $30 – Niiiiice.

Un-named agent puts in an appearance at the LucasArts staff party (always a big deal, given the creative brains that work there.)

But the highlights of the year are the thematic matched party-hosts, Marcus and Amanda as Gatekeeper and Keymaster!

Yes, have some.

I don’t know what show the other guy’s from. Star Wars maybe?

It looked like a rockin’ party – check out some of the other great costumes in attendance.

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