Someone took the time to scan in and post an old issue of Atari ST magazine. While there’s only one obvious reference to Ghostbusters, I found the rest of the article, about haunted machines, to be pretty keen. You can click to see larger versions (ie readable) of the page scans.

Ghostbusters in 242k

The latest FoldsFive pixelmash project is… Ghostbusters! Essentially, it’s a tiny, animated gif of the entire movie. Hilarious!

So of you may be familiar with his earlier, infamous mashed version of the Star Wars movies. There’s certainly lots to see on the site – a good way to while away the last few hours of a Friday at work. At least, that’s what I’m going to do.

credit | Bryan Behrenshausen

Dr J selling some choice GB collectibles

Without a doubt, the recent king of Ghostbusters collectibles has been Greg Justis – in the last few years he’s gathered some cool shh…aving cream (sorry, forgot this was a PG site for a moment.)

But now he’s moving and at times like that, you clean house a bit. Which means he’s keeping all the INSANELY cool stuff, but selling off some of his merely extremely cool stuff. Trust me, these are some keen items. Have a look. Greg’s good people and easy to work with.