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Ghost Ride It

By on Jan 31, 2007 in ECTOMOBILE, MUSIC | 0 comments

When a community knows the guy loaning out his Ecto-1 replica to a music video, it’s always a long wait until the final results hit the airwaves. In this case, Hip Hop artist Mistah F.A.B. has been working on a new video for his hit, Ghost Ride It, and it’s finally made its premiere on MTV. Keep an eye out at 58 seconds for community member Craig Chen...

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The bathtub tried to eat Oscar!

By on Jan 31, 2007 in MERCH, MISC | 0 comments

And now the bathtub can try to eat you too! Well, no, but a UK company is selling a coloured powder that will absorb a massive amount of water, turning a bathtub into a lot of slime. When playing in slime gets boring, a simple packet of solvent dissolves the goopy mess. One would think the addition of ice-cubes would make the tub the worlds greatest house-party...

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Ecto-1 replica for sale… again.

By on Jan 28, 2007 in ECTOMOBILE | 0 comments

In 2003, a George Barris Ecto-1 replica from a Florida auto museum was sold to the Historic Auto Museum in Roscoe, IL. And now, another Ecto-1, attributed to George Barris, is for sale by the Volo Auto Museum, slightly to the East of Roscoe, in Volo, IL. At this time, it doesn’t appear that they’re the same car, but it seems a strange coincidence. The...

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EGB commercial

By on Jan 25, 2007 in EGB, FEATURES, MERCH, VIDEO | 0 comments

In transfering the Leo Zahn interview from the old system to the new system (he directed an Extreme Ghostbusters toy commercial) I discovered it needed some cleaning up – old pictures no longer existed, etc. And in the process, I found this; It was so keen, I thought I’d dig it up for the front page....

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I got mine – C.I.Boys

By on Jan 24, 2007 in MERCH, MISC | 0 comments

If you’ll recall back, we reported on a series of these strange little vinyl figures from Hong Kong that were modeled after characters from the 80s, including a Mr. Stay-Puft. Well, Voltage, a store here in Vancouver, had just gotten a box in and I managed to snag on after only three blind boxes, one of which also included a Tron figure, which is rare compared...

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