Is it Ghostbusters 2?

This makes me so happy. When I was in Germany, I discovered that it’s very popular to have a cable channel that just runs a call-in quiz show constantly. Well, apparently it’s in the UK as well, and regardless of the question, this one guy, Tony*, just keeps calling in with the answer, “Ghostbusters 2.” It never is and judging from the clips and the commentary of the video poster, they hate him, but he’s my new hero.

Clip montage 1

Clip montage 2

Clip montage 3

Nick Carr, cheers. Ta for the laugh.

[UPDATE] Fantastic! Two more!

Clip montage 4

Clip montage 5

Thanks Steve!

* Tony appears to be UK comedian and presenter, Iain Lee. Well played, you magnificent bastard.

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