OXM talks to Zootfly! So does Gamespot!

oxm podcastThe Official Xbox Magazine podcast has pinned down Tibor Klajnscek of Zootfly (the website lists him as a programmer on the project) to talk about the game; what are it’s chances, what they’re hoping to down, and how they plan to do it.

You can download the podcast tomorrow at oxmpodcast.com or subscribe to podcast via iTunes (free.) Sign up now so you don’t miss out tomorrow! Big thanks to Dan!

[update] Direct Link to episode in question.

This comes in the wake of Zootfly’s CEO Bostjan Troha answering some questions for Gamespot. Thanks to Adam Nutter for the tip.

As diehard Ghostbusters fans we somehow felt obliged to share the early prototypes with the public. Also, we hoped to show that the fan base is enormous and that there’s a wide and genuine interest for a next-gen Ghostbusters game.

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