Wired posits shenanigans – MC Chris flys GB flag.

Wired blogger Chris Kohler pointed out the elephant in the corner, that possibly Zootfly’s move was simply to create some buzz and establish some name recognition for TimeO.

Speculation: after the licensing deal fell through, and with the opportunity to put themselves on the map fading away, ZootFly decided to leak what they had. They figured that when journalists came a-knockin’, they’d direct them to their other project, TimeO, which nobody would have cared about otherwise.

The response from most people would be, “Well, no duh. Quit pooping on our cake.” It’s true that if this is the motivation behind Zootfly posting the videos to the web, and that regardless of their assertions otherwise, their shot at a GB game is dead in the water, it would suck, but since we’ll never know for sure, we might as well dream. Thanks to CrazyMrTibbs for spotting the link.

King of the white-boy rappers (don’t let Eminem tell you otherwise) and the reigning 800 pound gorilla of Nerdcore Rap, MC Chris spotted the Zootfly videos and expressed his love for the GBs. He also hinted that his new album is drawing inspiration from Ghostbusters, which likely means some solid references to the movie.

the ghostbusters is one of the many muses of the new album. that and whodini’s haunted house of rock.

and there is no gorilla in the ghostbusters.

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