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Hi – time to bring people up to speed on a few things.

First off, when the site moved to its new state and format, anyone using the RSS feed link got left behind. I posted one last post, directing people to here, but it didn’t make it into the RSS feed, and as a result, a number of people thought I hadn’t updated the site since early December. I can understand this, as sometimes I really don’t update for a month. In any case, I’ve amended the old RSS feed (boy I hope it works now) and I’d like to direct anyone interested in the new feed to the RSS link on the sidebar.

Old News
If you’ll notice, the Old News page is gone, and a PC Features page now exists. This is because I’ve moved a large amount of that old news to the new format, including old features and interviews. There are still many more to go, but if you’ve never read the old material, please check it out – I even rescued some old materials from other, long dead websites (including a couple of keen GB RPG compaigns.)

Every time I report on GB3, I get comments from Patrick. In particular, when I completely debunked the lazy, sensationalistic, and journalistically corrupt news wire story that made it sound like GB3 was being made and Ben Stiller would star, Patrick decided I was The Evil One. He continues to do so.

To All GB Fans!!!
Listen up!!! There will be a Ghostbusters 3 there are proof GB3 articles and Proof GB3 posters for 2008! GB3 is even on the news it said that Dan Aykroyd has written a new script and Ben Stiller WILL replace Bill Murray! Castewar is a jerk he has OLD GB3 news tell him straight there WILL be a GB3 in 2008! GB Fans had made some cool GB3 trailers too Check it out! PS. Why would someone makeup a false article about GB3 Castewar is a FRAUD about this not me or the GB Fans!

This seems like a good time to lay out a few facts.

PC isn’t here to report every scrap of information as fact. I report it at face value, and then in many cases I will apply my caveats – a simple example would be that I’ll never report that a GB game is in production until it’s actually in production. I will cover the attempt to get it into production however.

Similarly, I will not report every fan poster and off-handed remark about GB3 as proof that it is being made – it is not proof that it is being made, it is proof that there is still interest, either by the fans or certain filmmakers. And I’ve seen over ten years of this. I’ve seen a lot of stuff that really really really made it seem like a third movie was close – and it’s still not here. Even this last debacle, if you ignore my report that the news was bogus, it’s over a year old… and GB3 is not in production.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again one last time, for everyone to read, the minute someone credible says, “GB3 has been green-lit and begins filming next fall” I will report it, complete with “Woo-hoo!” in the headline. But until then, I will continue to report whatever comes along with a grain of salt.

Keep on keepin’ on, Patrick!

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