More Zootfly interview

Zootfly’s Tibor Klajnscek answered some questions for There is some great new stuff, including some descriptions of how they see the game operating.

FiringSquad: In terms of gameplay will the Ghostbusters game allow you to play as all four characters in a tactical action game a la Rainbow Six or would you control each team member individually?

Tibor Klajnscek: We were thinking more along the lines of Gears of War where you would only control one character. You’d get to decide which one in the start. The other three would be AI sidekicks. A setup like this would enable us to have much more fast paced action in the game.

Interestingly, the videos have been removed from YouTube, at Sony’s request. Given Sony’s firm grip on controlling materials, whether it was pulled just because, or if it’s related to their ongoing, supposed discussions with Zootfly, who knows?

Thanks Darren! Cheers on the YouTube spot, Ben.

[update] Two of the videos are back up, for the time being, at

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