Aykroyd also talks GB3 – CGI?

Mike McGuire at CISN Country 103.9 in Edmonton got to interview Dan Aykroyd, who talked about GB3 as being in the talking stage, and the plan is for it to be CGI, sans Bill Murray and his likeness. So, some clarification is needed to make sense of these facts.

PART TWO IS THE GHOSTBUSTERS PORTION – however, the entire interview is great.

Thanks to Mike for the heads up – nice work man!

[UPDATE] Still working through the interview – it’s hard to listen while at work. But this is from Mike’s CISN blog post;

The hilight of the interview had to be when he confirmed that Ghostbusters III is in the works – albeit CGI, but Bill Murray has agreed to voice, so the authenticity (should) still be there!!!

Boy, aren’t Fridays like this exciting.

[UPDATE 2] Oh, and Mike. Stop sounding like me. Curse that Canadian twang.

[UPDATE 3] Nope, he’s talking about a movie. Seperate from the game. Still lots of details to fill in, and until a studio makes an announcement this isn’t official, but it’s very encouraging.

Transcript after the jump, thanks to Steve.

One thing I have to ask, and I’m gonna break these out one by one, I know you talked about it on TV, but the Internet still buzzes about it all the time, I grew up with Dan Aykroyd as Dr. Raymond Stantz.

Uh-huh, yes yes.

I think you know what the question is going to be and unfortunately I think I know the answer too, but everyone is dying to know: Ghostbusters III–we’ve heard tons of rumors about it, does this thing exist?

Well, I wrote a script called Hellbent, uh, Ghostbusters go to Hell, basically its–the premise is that its Manhellton–that there’s Manhattan and Mannhelton. And if you can basically, build a phase–an interdimensional phase system, so that you can go from one dimension to another, we’ve succeeded in doing that, and we go to the Hell side of Manhattan. Which, Downtown, Foley Square its all where the cops are, its they’re all blue minotaurs. Uh the uh–Central Park is this huge deep mine with green demons there, surrounded by, you know, black onyx 1000 foot high apartment buildings with uh classic red devils, you know, very wealthy, and we go and visit like a Donald Trump like character who’s Mr. Sifler, you know, Luke Sifler, LukeSifler, Luk–so its it and we meet the devil in it. Now it won’t happen as a live action cuz Billy will not come onto the live stage anymore for it, but he will voice his part, and we’re looking to do it as a CGI animated project.

Really? Yeah? SO Ghostbusters III…

It lives! It lives today!


Last year, last year it didn’t–this year it lives.

That is great news.

Yeah, that’d be good, because, you know, with that, with CGI animation and the way these uh, these cartoons are done, we can just do everything that I ever wrote in that script for much less money.

That is great news.

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