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PaulThe Scribble King blog has posted a large interview with Spook Central webmaster, Paul Rudhoff Rudoff. It’s a great talk with one of the longest running Ghostbuster webmasters around – it’s doubly interesting to myself, as I started PC at roughly the same time, so my view of GB online was similar, but slightly different. And of course neither of us was familiar with the other for the first while.

I only recall there being four Ghostbusters fan sites when I ventured out into the vast unknown of this thing called The Internet. There was a general fan site created by Bill Emkow, a Real Ghostbusters artwork site by Adrian “Burning Knight Raven” Adams, a Real Ghostbusters fan fiction site by Sheila Paulson, and a site that started to do an image-enhanced version of the Ghostbusters film script.

For me, I only recall Bill’s, Shiela’s, and Mr. Stay-puft’s World O Sounds. Important history lesson for you kids out there – search engines sucked back then and messageboards were rare at the time. Finding other sites was hit and miss or word of mouth. You kids have it easy! And get off my lawn!

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