GB3 = video game

I should learn to go with my first instinct – given how close together Dan Aykroyd was talking about GB3, a GB video game, and how GB3 would be CGI, I initially assumed that he might have meant GB3 would be a video game. After hearing him on the radio interview, I second quessed myself.

And now, I’m going back to my original supposition – according to more talk from Aykroyd, GB3 will be a video game.

Go to the 6 minute mark for Dan’s comments on Ghostbusters.

“More of a chance to see the video game in ’08.”

Aykroyd expands on the rumours, suggesting that it is in production, and will be available in “all formats.” Though I doubt the all formats part, it’s certainly well understood that GB game needs to be on most major platforms to succeed as best possible. I run a GB website, and even I’m not prepared to buy a PS3 to play a GB game.

Clip on YouTube (for anyone having trouble with the Windows Media version above)

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