Who ya gonna call? Bell Canada!

My buddy Taylor just forwarded me this billboard he spotted here in Vancouver – for the last month, Bell Canada has been pushing its new movie feature, which allows you to view a full length, honest to gosh movie on your Bell cell phone. Which never made sense to me, since the battery life of your phone is barely enough for two hours of movie… plus you might want to make a phonecall at some point. And cell phone screens are small.

Bell Canada - Ghostbusters

HOWEVER! That was before they started offering Ghostbusters. Now I have all the same reservations, but at least it’s a movie I’d watch. The service costs $5.99CDN a movie, plus you have to have a particular phone, and subscribe to an unlimited browser package deal. Pricey, but I guess if you really really really have to watch Ghostbusters and your trapped in a well or something…

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