Columbia files cease and desist against rapper.

After a couple of months of airplay on MTV, Mister F.A.B.’s Ghost Ride It video (featuring a replica Ecto-1) has caught the attention of Columbia Pictures, who don’t want their IP associating with the West Coast fad of getting out and climbing around on a moving car. Columbia has threatened legal action if the video isn’t pulled from airplay and Internet video outlets. The video nearly found F.A.B. banned from MTV, and required 52 editting changes to make it on MTV Jams (possibly why the premiere was originally delayed by a week.) Your video is about ghost riding, it’s teaching people how to do it. Are you getting flack for that?

Mistah FAB: I’m getting flack for it. People are saying what they wanna say, but it is what it is. Like for my video, I had to edit hella stuff. I edited the video like crazy. People always gonna stop something. When you infiltrate pop culture and cross over to other areas and other demographics, they like, “Woah.” The reason why a lot of people are trying to stop it is because they kids is doing it now. It ain’t no longer the black kids in the community doing it, it’s the white kids, the Filipinos, the Chinese… everybody’s doing it.

It’s a cultural shock right now. If you not a part of it, you’re trying to stop it. That’s what you call a movement, and I’m just happy to be at the forefront of it. People just gotta be responsible for what they doing and how they do it. It’s not safe, so you gotta be responsible.

Still, F.A.B. is sticking to a “any publicity is good publicity” philosophy.

“Publicity in the music industry, good or bad, is great. My momma always say, ‘When they stop talking about you is when you get worried,'” FAB confessed.

More on the story at GB Props,, and PCs previous article on Mister F.A.B. (plus the offending video, at least until it gets yanked from YouTube) can be found here.

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