That’s a Digg Twinkie.

Ha ha. The later it is, the stupider my headlines.

If you’ve been trying to access the site this evening and had no luck, that’s because a few thousand other people were trying to get through the same “door” as you. It seems someone posted my Ron Jeremy article at Digg, and the response has been both enthusiastic and catty (“I spotted him ages ago!” Yeah? Well, I got him to confirm that it was actually him. MC Chris FTW!)

It’s quiet now, but it may flare up again, in which case welcome to all who have managed to get this far. I expect it will die down in time. I hope. My server is smoking.

More Real Ghostbusters after these messages

There’s a new magazine popping up in the UK called Cereal:Geek (not to be confused with plain old Geek magazine, which is also worth noting) that will come out quarterly – 100 pages, no ads – and focus on those wonderful, wasted Saturday mornings of youth. Specifically the 80s.

Dubious at first, I’ve now shelled out for the first issue – the sample pages I’ve seen feature brilliant articles and features, such as taking a cartoon episode and coming up with a cover for it, if it were a comic. Not to mention a lot of fantastic art – I mean really, what are the chances we’re going to see new M.A.S.K. art anywhere else?

In addition, NOW Comics RGB cover artist Ken Steacy has contributed not one, but two new pieces of RGB art for the issue – and it doesn’t end there. This from Cereal:Geek horses’ mouth (I don’t know if they have a horse – it’s just an expression.)

There’s one surprise article that I don’t want to ruin, but let’s just say it has Ghostbuster versus Ghostbuster – And I wrote a piece about the episode “Killerwatt” as there appeared to be a few animation companies working on that one episode… I already have people working on Real Ghostbusters illustrations for issue two…

I’m looking into subscription and off-line purchase opportunities – more on that soon.

Ernie Hudson podcast interview

Scott Kurtz (of PvP fame, source of many a GB reference… which reminds me of a reference I’ve been meaning to post. More on that later) has a regular podcast on TalkShoe, as does his pal Tim Bradstreet – the two appear on one another’s podcasts fairly frequently. In this case, on Bradstreet’s Bigfanboy podcast episode 14.1, he chats with Ernie Hudson. I haven’t got a clue what they talk about, I’m still listening – I’ll get back to you with details, but I’m sure it’s good for a listen. What, you think podcasts with GB cast are a dime dozen? Download it already!

Thanks to Dino Neill!

Custom Johnny Lightning cars

Apparently there’s a community of people who like to customize their Johnny Lightning cars, and Jason sent me some pics of his custom Ectos, including the beater version that Ray first buys (“Fourteen hundred.”), the car from the first film, and his tweaks to make the car from the second film (which is what the original toy car is supposed to be) more to his liking.

Ecto : The Beginning, is still being worked on.
Picture One
Picture Two

Picture One

Ecto-1A Updated
Picture One
Picture Two