Ramis clarifies situation – GB3 not so much, video game, yes.

Attending the Vail Film Festival (where he won a career award), Harold Ramis was interviewed by the local paper, and was as you’d expect, instantly asked about a third Ghostbusters. Ramis confirmed that the live-action option with the original actors is “slim”, and that he and Aykroyd have discussed a CGI film with Columbia, making it a possibility, but far from confirmed.

However, he did back-up Aykroyd’s earlier comments about there being a video game.

Harold Ramis: […] The only thing I know for sure is there is a video game coming out that Danny and I are going to do the voices for. So that’ll be fun.

CS: When will that happen?

HR: We haven’t recorded yet, but they’ve showed me all the animations for the game and the game settings and the characters. It’s all in the works now. I guess it’s a long development period on games and very expensive – they invest a lot of money in these things.

So, the video game is more than just Aykroyd hint dropping, both he and Ramis are providing voices (as you’d suspect, no mention of Bill Murray, but surprisingly also no mention of Ernie Hudson), and it’s already in the early production phase (which puts it in line with Aykroyd’s suggestion that it would be out in 2008.)

Gold star to Italian Raymond for the spot.

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