Converting a GI Joe to a GB = GB Joe?

GB Joe
Years ago – many many years ago – a fella by the name of Arron Mack arrived on the scene, showing off his custom Ghostbuster 12″ figure. The tiny props and costume he made, not to mention the Ray style head, were amazing. Over time, we lost track of him, but now, exactly seven years and one month since we first posted about his figure, Mack is back. He has posted pictures of his kit and better yet, is looking to see who might be interested in buying additional kits.

And one interested should go let him know and even if you’re not, you should see the pictures he posted.

[update] Score! I found the old article and the links still work. Here are the original photos he posted (including the two posted at And two pictures of Pooh Bear. That’s a bonus, let’s say.

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