“I like that shirt, friend!” Part 2

Fright-Rags, makers of hardcore horror t-shirts, have announced they will be releasing a new shirt at the end of June. Check this out;

Sweeeeeet. I love that it pays homage to the “horror” part of our favorite horror-comedy. I’ll mention it again when the shirts go on sale.

He is Norbert! You are like the buzzing of flies to him.

Nearly sixty-seven years ago, Norbert Grupe was born to a Germany at war. Three years ago, with little to his name other than his dog and van, he died of cancer in Mexico. Between those two points he was Der Boxprinz (The Boxing Prince.)

We’re more familiar with him as Vigo the Carpathian in Ghostbusters 2 (or, for us older folks, a hapless terrorist in Die Hard), but the man was also an infamous boxer in the 60s and 70s. Not only was he a notable pugalist, he was also a bit of a party animal, leading to some minor scandal involving drugs and prostitution. All of this is covered in this 2002 documentary on the man we know as Wilhelm von Homburg.

If anyone is in Germany or any other European country were you may be able to find this DVD, please contact me.

Return of the DIY dolls

Anybody remember Jade and her homemade wooden dolls? I do, only because the post I made about her is so old, the image that used to accompany it is long, long gone, as were the original links.

How awesome it is to stumble upon her Deviant Art account, with pictures of her original Egon and a Garrett she made later. No pics of Ray, Peter, and Winston, but lots of other dolls she’s made. Perhaps she’ll post them soon.