VES dubs Ghostbusters #41

The Visual Effects Society has released the VES 50: The Most Influential Visual Effects Films of All Time and Ghostbusters clocks in at #41. The press release doesn’t mention specifics, but at the 2007 VES Festival of Visual Effects, which will take place the weekend of June 7-10 at the Writers Guild Theater in Beverly Hills, there will be a panel discussing the 50 films. The panel includes Ghostbusters and Ghostbusters 2 effects wizards, Richard Edlund and Dennis Muren.

Mr. Martinez, thanks for the heads-up.

David Crane talks about making GB C64

Penguin award-winning, old-school designer, David Crane took some time to chat with Next Generation magazine about the making of Activision’s Ghostbusters game for the C64.

With the film still in production at this stage, Crane would have to come up with a design concept working directly from Ramis and Aykroyd’s original screenplay. “We started the game before the movie came out. As it happened, I did get to see the completed film before finishing the game, and may have tweaked it a bit. But most of the work came before the release of the film.”

Love it or hate it, it’s definitely a good read. Thanks to Dan Elektro for the heads up!

UCLA Photo Archive

UCLA has put a new photo archive online, which contains every photo published in the Los Angeles Times and the Los Angeles Daily News from 1920 to 1990. So, what do you get when you type in “Ghostbusters”? A photo of the new chart topper for the year, Ray Parker Jr. at home, commenting on getting the Ghostbusters gig and Ivan Reitman posing in the Ghostbusters production offices.
Ray Parker Jr at Home
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Ivan Reitman at work
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