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“Let’s run some red lights!”

By on Jun 22, 2007 in ECTOMOBILE, GAMES, GB | 0 comments

Every video game that features cars has inevitably found itself with an Ecto-1 driving around – provided that it was possible. Some games required a person to import a whole 3D model, essentially modding the game to feature the e-mobile. Others wouldn’t let you import squat, but you could “paint” them. I put that in quotes, as the features...

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Just like 1989… only better

By on Jun 20, 2007 in GAMES, GB2 | 0 comments

I remember the Ghostbusters 2 game that was originally put out for the PC most computer systems of the time. I disliked it. A lot. BUT, now there’s an alternative. Park Productions have taken the original gameplay and updated it to use newer graphics, with much more satisfying results. Still a weird little game, but a nice take on an old product. It’s...

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Prop shop super sale!

By on Jun 9, 2007 in Props | 0 comments

AJ Quick sent out a note that the GB Props dot Com store is having a sale, PLUS there are new items. So, if you’ve ever said to yourself, “I want to make a prop proton pack replica” then now is your chance to get the same bits and bobs the original prop masters used for the film… cheap! For a limited time the Ghostbusters Prop Archive is...

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Mignola-style Egon

By on Jun 4, 2007 in FANS, GB, MISC | 0 comments

I very nearly forgot about this – Jason Bischoff dropped me an email to show me the results of a brainstorm he had. Namely, turning a Lobster Johnson action figure (from the Hellboy comic) into an Egon. The results are stark and gritty, not what one would expect in an Egon, but coooool nevertheless. Go here to check out the figure in great detail (plus have a...

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