Prop shop super sale!

AJ Quick sent out a note that the GB Props dot Com store is having a sale, PLUS there are new items. So, if you’ve ever said to yourself, “I want to make a prop proton pack replica” then now is your chance to get the same bits and bobs the original prop masters used for the film… cheap!

For a limited time the Ghostbusters Prop Archive is running a sale on 8
parts carried in the GB Props Shop. Resistors, Clippard Fittings, Belts &
Split Loom are on sale with some items being as much as 50% off! While you
are buying these items also check out the NEW parts we have for sale as
well. There are 5-6 new items in stock, with other items being restocked.

This limited time sale will end in July. Get your parts for Halloween now,
as they might not be there in October!

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