Be Kind, Rewind gets release date

Michel Gondry’s (The Science of Sleep, various music videos) next film, Be Kind, Rewind, has a clever premise – having destroyed every tape in a friend’s video store, Jack Black and co must reenact every movie to keep a little old lady happy. I know – definitely qualifies as unique.

It’s been known for awhile now that amoung such classic video-store fare as Robocop and Driving Miss Daisy, Ghostbusters gets a “remake.” How much screen time that equals isn’t clear, but the first official picture (click to see full sized image – way bigger than above) from the film is, according to Director’s File, from the GB sequence – hopefully that means it won’t be lost in a montage or something. Better yet is that the site reports that the film will have a limited release on December 21st. Oddly, this is usually a move so a film can get in on some hot, Oscar Award action. Given Gondry’s extremely clever and artistic resume, it makes a certain amount of sense.

Looking at the few pictures released thus far, it doesn’t look like Black’s character wears glasses – does that make him Egon in his hasty redux?

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