Tranformers guru pays lip service to Ghostbusters

In the latest issue of Entertainment Weekly, Michael Bay opens their interview with him by claiming Ghostbusters as his special effects measuring stick;

I can see why — the machinery is incredibly intricate. Why did you want to go in that route and not more —

Simple? Like a cartoon? Basically it’s the equivalent of, like, the Marshmallow Man in Ghostbusters. It’s got to withstand, you know, a 40-foot screen — you just need a lot of detail and a lot of things moving just to keep your eye dazzled by these complex machines. It wasn’t always peaches and cream. The robots kind of sucked in the beginning. My whole thing is lighting with [visual] effects. We all know something in our brain is telling us it’s not lit right — that’s what makes you say it looks like a cartoon. You figure out how it’s all going to reflect different pieces of light — different materials reflect differently.

Thanks Hayden!

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