Another GBI-style RPG – InSpectres

Nothing really compared to the original GB RPG by West End Games – recent supernatural investigation RPGs, like Buffy the Vampire Slayer were more stats heavy and modeled after episodic television. Others, like the d20 rules ExorSystems Inc., tap into a wealth of third-party d20 books, allowing GMs to create a game to match almost any movie or show, but d20 isn’t exactly newbie-fuzzy-friendly.

But now there’s a newcomer, InSpectres (“inspectors” Get it?) and even a quick look at the sample materials reveal the designer has Ghostbusters in mind and is more than a little familiar with the stripped-down, super-accessible d6 system WEG pioneered.

There are differences, most of which provide a bit more structure to how the game plays out compared to the very flexible, anything-goes attitude of the GBI RPG, but as I haven’t played with the system yet, I can’t really compare in detail. I just dig the art a lot.

Still, the idea of wacky characters, joining a spirit-hunting franchise wearing a uniform with a snazzy logo will be instantly familiar to GB fans. Basically a simple change of nouns will allow players who can’t find a copy of the old GBI game, to attempt some new GB-style fun.

Go here for an overview of the game and some sample materials – the game is available in print and PDF format.

Thanks to Toren for the heads-up. Toren has a new album. Everyone should buy a copy.

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