Profiles In History auctions off GB1 and GB2 concept art

It’s time again for a new auction by Profiles In History – this time they’ve gotten their hands on some concept art, previously owned by GB producer, Michael C. Gross. There is no good description of the GB art, but the lot description does include a note and image of the GB2 art;

941. storyboard art from GhostBusters i & ii. (Columbia, 1984 & 1989) Two pages of original artwork in pencil, measuring 8½ in. x 11 in. and dated Feb. 10, 1984 and Feb. 16, 1984, respectively, from Ghostbusters. Accompanied by a 16 in. x 13 in. artwork with the caption “Slimer flies out of the statue’s crown and swallows the camera”, from Ghostbusters II. Originally from the collection of producer Michael C. Gross. $300 – $500

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