We Are Legion – Michael Cera

I think I’m going to start organizing all instances of GB fandom under this listing – “We Are Legion.” It seems that every day, new fans pop up, including celebrities. In this case, it’s Michael Cera, star of various shows, including Arrested Development, and the upcoming Seth Rogan film, Superbad. Of course, he wasn’t even born when the film came out – which I think speaks well for the shelf-life of the film… and just how very, very old I am.

Before he was in preschool, Mr. Cera says, he knew he’d be an actor. He was obsessed with becoming Bill Murray, the star of “Ghostbusters,” and he watched that 1984 film over and over when he was 4. Mr. Cera still carries a “Ghostbusters” wallet, trivia he has not shared with the the film’s writer, Harold Ramis, who wrote and will direct Mr. Cera’s next feature film, “Year One” with Jack Black. “I’m not going to show it to him,” Mr. Cera said. “I’m afraid it’ll change the whole dynamic.”

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