Print is dead, and in desperate need of archiving.

I’m not a fan fiction kind of guy – there are enough books out there I haven’t read yet, I’ve never felt the need to add fan generated stories to the “to-do” pile. However, I’ve known there has been a long history of Ghostbusters fan fiction, Real Ghostbusters in particular, since day one. Easily one of the original online Ghostbusters websites was Sheila Paulson’s.

As the net grew in popularity, the need to print and distribute fan fiction seemed to decrease, as getting a story out there was just a simple click of a button. And now, GB fandom has been online so long that some of the early digital fans have come and gone – how is a fandom supposed to keep thier history alive? Why, with a Wiki of course.

The wiki project is actively looking for more people with time and knowledge to help fill out the Ghostbusters listing, both old-school pre-Internet and beyond – check it out.

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