Old Entertainment Weekly article on Murray

Someone scanned this 1993 interview with Bill Murray from Entertainment Weekly – this would have been shortly after his success with Groundhog Day. A lot of excellent observations on the actor by his friends, many of whom have had to act as his director. An excellent read, particularly this perfect insight by Harold Ramis.

“Success has, oddly, darkened his life a little bit,” says Ramis of Murray. “Some of the things he was less committed to, have gotten undue praise. So it confuses him in a way. It might make him wonder: If you knew you were going to be successful but unhappy at your work, would you do it?”

Murray also briefly touches on Ghostbusters (he does enjoy the first half of the film the most) and Ghostbusters 2, explaining why he took on the sequel, as someone that doesn’t like sequels, and why ultimately he was unhappy with the results.
Thank to Fome for finding the link.


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