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Get Ray on the Transformers DVD

By on Aug 30, 2007 in NON-GB | 0 comments

I’m not a fan of online petitions – I don’t think they wield anywhere near the power or impact online fans think they do, but this one is just goofy enough that I’m intrigued. It’s a petition to get Frank “Ray” Welker added to the Transformers DVD as an alternate audio track to Hugh Weaving’s...

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Ghostbustours premieres September 13th at ConFlux

By on Aug 30, 2007 in FANS, GB, VIDEO | 0 comments

Remember when we previously mentioned that New York group that was putting together multi-media walking tours of the city, starting with Ghostbusters? If you’re shaking your head “no”, then go read here. For those of you that do remember, well awesome news – they’re going to be premiering the tour at the Brooklyn ConFlux this year. The...

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“Send… more… Ghostbusters…”

By on Aug 27, 2007 in ADMIN, MISC | 0 comments

Well, it started in a quick downpour and ended in high spirits – with 200 undead shambling three miles around downtown Vancouver, Zombie Walk 2007 is now over. The Ghostbusters were vastly outnumbered (above, left to right – Brendan, yours truely, and Colin), but it was enough fun that we’re planning on expanding it next year – a large number...

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ZombieWalk07 – who, what, wha?

By on Aug 23, 2007 in ADMIN, MISC | 0 comments

OK, it looks like there’s going to be a bunch of us – appropriately enough, we will be horribly outnumbered by the undead. Not a concern, as they’re generally harmless and we will have taken our anti-human mortis shots (or Zom-B-Gone, as Dr. Venkman likes to call it.) Here are the particulars from the Facebook listing; Time and PlaceDate: Saturday,...

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Cereal:Geek second issue coming soon

By on Aug 22, 2007 in RGB | 0 comments

They said it couldn’t be done! Provided they means “no one” and couldn’t means “it could work.” Cereal: Geek magazine, which featured no end of Real Ghostbusters love, has been enough of a success to warrant a second issue… which also features some Real Ghostbusters love. Just check out the back cover for more Saturday...

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