Murray owns Mini-Murray

Just to jump in the wayback-machine for a moment, remember that custom wish-list action figure of Bill Murray that appeared in ToyFare magazine? No? OK, read here first.

Right, now get a load of this – on the ToyFare messageboards, senior editor Justin Aclin talked a bit about the popular figure, explaining that most of the custom figures made by Andgor Toy are kept in the ToyFare archives, except for the Murray Ghostbuster 12 inch fig, which belongs to Murray himself.

At some point, someone who worked at Wizard had a kid who played on a sports team with Bill Murray’s kid, and we arranged for them to give it to Bill in the hopes that seeing it would convince him how cool it would be to allow toys to be made of his likeness. You can see how well that worked out.

Strange, but true. Thanks to Cliff Roswell for spotting this one.

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