We Are Legion – Seth Rogan

Awhile back I mentioned an interview with Michael Cera, one of the stars of Superbad, wherein he mentions a love of Ghostbusters. He’s still dropping props to the GBs in fact.

But the film isn’t just popular with Cera it seems, as Seth Rogen – the writer/director of Superbad – also mentions a past history with Ghostbusters. Though, it’s a little convoluted. And naughty.

In an interview with Rogen, a scene was described, wherein one of the movie’s characters (called, not coincidentally, Seth) admits to a secret shame, involving a Real Ghostbusters lunchbox. I debated posting about it, but it seemed pointless if you hadn’t seen the movie. Well, thanks YouTube (and Jack Story for sending me the link), now you can.

Totally Not Safe For Work (but funny)

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