An exclusive ghost! Game sale! Whoo!

Octavirate, the makers of ExorSystems Inc. have extended a cool offer to PC readers – for starters, they’re offering a 15% discount on the ExorSystems core rules, just for being you. But wait! There’s more!

They’ve also furnished me with an exclusive ghost for the game – Vertigox (Class 2 Posthumous Ectoplasmic Phantasm). There is also a memo from the ExorSystems head office;

It has also come to our attention that some franchises are ignoring regulations regarding the keeping of free-roaming spirits as pets and/or mascots. Remember, the “friendly ghost” phenomenon has turned out to be false in all but a handful of cases. Do not take unnecessary risks: trap all ectoplasmic and paramortal entities as soon as possible. We do not want a repeat of the unpleasantness in Westchester…

The store discount is for a limited time, until the end of the August, but the exclusive ghost is forever.

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