“Send… more… Ghostbusters…”

Well, it started in a quick downpour and ended in high spirits – with 200 undead shambling three miles around downtown Vancouver, Zombie Walk 2007 is now over.

The Ghostbusters were vastly outnumbered (above, left to right – Brendan, yours truely, and Colin), but it was enough fun that we’re planning on expanding it next year – a large number of pamphlets were handed out to amused bystanders (and one police officer), and we sold $50 in I ♥ Zombies pins which will be going to the Vancouver Children’s Hospital* (it might not sound like a lot, but it was very spur of the moment, plus with 200 zombies and 100 pins, that’s a good percentage sold.)

Anyone wanting to have a look a the pamphlet can see side one and side two online. (full sized versions for those without Flickr accounts here and here.)

* Want a pin? Same deal as last time PC made buttons – send a self-addressed envelope and a buck to cover postage (or two, if you want to add to the Children’s Hospital pot.) to me. Email me for further details.

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