An exclusive ghost! Game sale! Whoo!

Octavirate, the makers of ExorSystems Inc. have extended a cool offer to PC readers – for starters, they’re offering a 15% discount on the ExorSystems core rules, just for being you. But wait! There’s more!

They’ve also furnished me with an exclusive ghost for the game – Vertigox (Class 2 Posthumous Ectoplasmic Phantasm). There is also a memo from the ExorSystems head office;

It has also come to our attention that some franchises are ignoring regulations regarding the keeping of free-roaming spirits as pets and/or mascots. Remember, the “friendly ghost” phenomenon has turned out to be false in all but a handful of cases. Do not take unnecessary risks: trap all ectoplasmic and paramortal entities as soon as possible. We do not want a repeat of the unpleasantness in Westchester…

The store discount is for a limited time, until the end of the August, but the exclusive ghost is forever.

Vancouver Zombie Walk 2007

Calling all GVA GBs – this is an informal call to all area GBs interested in participating in a GBI presence at this year’s Zombie Walk (Saturday August 25th, apparently.) Just reply in the comments or email me directly and we’ll see just how many people are interested in going.

Cera keeps talkin’ Ghostbusters, ghosts… oh and Superbad

If I were in a hit movie and got to go on national TV to promote it… I’d talk Ghostbusters too. Michael Cera cited Ghostbusters as his inspiration for going into acting on Jimmy Kimmel and then talked about his own run in with the supernatural on Conan O’Brien.

Michael also talks about meeting Ernie Hudson at ComicCon and that he’s working with Harold Ramis. This is in addition to also working with Jason Reitman (Ivan Reitman’s son) on the dark comedy, Juno. A salute to Mr. Cera for being the highest profile Ghostbusters fan in the world right now.

There should be, like, an award for that. Or something. Maybe just go see Superbad instead.

We Are Legion – Seth Rogan

Awhile back I mentioned an interview with Michael Cera, one of the stars of Superbad, wherein he mentions a love of Ghostbusters. He’s still dropping props to the GBs in fact.

But the film isn’t just popular with Cera it seems, as Seth Rogen – the writer/director of Superbad – also mentions a past history with Ghostbusters. Though, it’s a little convoluted. And naughty.

In an interview with Rogen, a scene was described, wherein one of the movie’s characters (called, not coincidentally, Seth) admits to a secret shame, involving a Real Ghostbusters lunchbox. I debated posting about it, but it seemed pointless if you hadn’t seen the movie. Well, thanks YouTube (and Jack Story for sending me the link), now you can.

Totally Not Safe For Work (but funny)