Busting makes me feel veddy good, eh wot?

steampunk gb
Oh my. I will admit I get a lot of happy happy out of the Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson Stormtroopers, but this beats all – a Steampunk Ghostbuster. If I understand correctly from the Flickr photoset, one Josh Freeman (he’s the one in the middle) put in a lot of time and effort to make himself a clockwork proton pack and ghost trap (in addition to other items and one awesome outfit) before heading off to this year’s San Diego Comic Con.

Josh, we salute you. Hip hip hoorah!
trap and wand

Sony Ectos getting some TLC?

Jason (aka Star Car Detective) sent in some pictures of some familiar faces – dropping in at a Movie and TV car restoration company he knows, he was surprised to find a dusty Ecto-1 and Ecto-1a there. Details are limited (not a chatty bunch, those restorers), but the cars are Sony’s and once cleaned up will be on display for “walking-tours” (which suggests a home on the Sony lot, than at someplace like Universal Studios. Nice to see them get some care and attention – thanks Jason!

Click any of the sample images to go see the entire set;


protoncharging's Ecto-1 and Ecto-1a Restoration photoset protoncharging’s Ecto-1 and Ecto-1a Restoration photoset