NY Government TV promotes Tribeca, Ghostbusters

I wasn’t aware of this, but the duly elected representatives of New York (city, county, or state, I do not know) have a TV channel. And on that TV channel, they have a show called Secrets of New York. The new, third season has started, and the episode looks at Tribeca as a filming location, which of course includes the good ol’ Hook and Ladder 8 building (the host of the show can be seen posing in front of it, the GB2 sign clearly visible in the background.)

The show aired on Tuesday, but will air again this Sunday at 8:30 (5:30 PST) – those of us not in New York can watch online via streaming video.

TriBeCa: Mysteries of New York’s Backlot Revealed
…As a neighborhood, TriBeCa has evolved and re-defined itself many times throughout the centuries. Today, its iconic buildings and cobblestone streets serve as backdrops for some of Hollywood’s biggest features. And its annual film festival draws thousands of filmgoers from around the world. TriBeCa has truly emerged as one of New York City’s premier neighborhoods.

Cheers to Wheelhouse for the heads up.

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