One stop shopping for licensed GB costumes

Some of you may recall the Rubies Ghostbuster costumes, which are basically simple jumpsuits with inflatable proton packs – well, a lot of you wrote in about the new addition to the line;

Sexy Ghostbuster! And it’s pretty much what you’d expect. Khaki hotpants and bellybutton revealing top, one size too small. Plus, a ball cap and a little protonpack backpack that seems more like a purse with shoulder straps than anything. It’s nice that Ghostbusters has made enough of a comeback in popular culture that it’s now joined the sexy batgirl and sexy supergirl on the rack (no pun intended… or was it?)

This website ( – no fooling) offers not only the sexy outfit, but the regular adult and children’s sized outfits too! Handy!

Thanks to Van and dozens of others of you (you know who you are) for the heads up. Never fear, the traditional How To Make A Cheap GB Costume article will return in time for Halloween.

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