Ghostbusters meet The Simpsons

It’s nearly Halloween and that means it’s time for a new Simpson’s Treehouse of Horror comic from Bongo. This year is the 13th issue of the annual fav – a collection of four stories, one features the Comic Shop Guy lucking into some movie props. However, they are cursed and will transport whomever holds them into the movie for which they were made. Among various movies, the gang at Moe’s Tavern end up in Ghostbusters, apparently – I haven’t read the issue yet, so I don’t know if the movie is named or just parodied, nor do I know what the prop is that transports them – I think I need to make a little trip to the comic shop!

The movie is referenced – not tonnes, but in a couple of good, solid says. Mr. Stay Puft puts in an appearance. And the other movies range from Star Trek to Buckaroo Banzai to Evil Dead 2. Awesome!

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