Buttons make me feel good pt. 2

Umpteen years back, I attended the Edmonton Fringe festival. Overall, a good trip, as I got to meet Bruce McCulloch, see a lot of awesome plays, and met a guy who travels the festival circuit, selling handmade character pins. Lots of Simpsons and Warner Brother Looney Toons. Having found a copy of the GB RPG at a used bookstore around the corner, I gave him one of the cards inside as a reference and he turned it into a 3D, sculpted pin of the GB logo – the ghost was even made out of glow-in-the-dark Fimo. I loved it too death, literally – after a few years it just got beat to heck, and now lives in a box somewhere.

This year, friends that were with me the first time, attended the festival again and got the same guy to make me a new one as well as one based on my website logo (a variation on the original.) How awesome is that?

I heard from other friends that over the years they’d spotted the guy and he always had a few GB buttons, which I guess I can take credit for – your welcome, mystery button dude. If anybody knows who he is, tell him to get in touch with me, I’m sure he could find a few customers here at proton charging.

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