Hallmark sells Ghostbusters card.

Sort of.

You may have seen their TV ad wherein Chewbacca wishes someone a happy birthday. I did, and I immeadiately went looking to see what other cards featured songs from movies. And was disappointed that there were so few, and definitely no Ghostbusters – I should have known however that Hallmark was holding back until the appropriate season.

Anomaly recently spotted the above card in a CVS (a drugstore chain, I’m to understand), though I’m sure you can find it most anywhere that sells Hallmark cards (like, say, a Hallmark store.) And as the text suggests, the song the card plays is Ghostbusters! Online shoppers note that you can buy the card through the link – you can even have it personalized and sent to someone.

It would have been sweet if it actually had the logo or characters, but that would mean more money, and really, all Hallmark wants is the music. Still, pretty cool.

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