Hudson in Belgium – Him and Bill unofficially confirmed for video game

This past weekend, Ernie Hudson put in an appearance at a convention in Ghent, Belgium, and one videographer and his pal, sat down with him for a ten minute chat. Ernie covers a lot of Ghostbusters ground, commenting on the possibilities of a new video game (though no hard facts that I heard – it was a rushed viewing, I will admit.)

He does say that he and Dan Aykroyd have talked about the video game, and he will be doing Winston’s voice. He also says that as he understands it, Bill Murray is also involved with supplying his voice to the video game. The recordings were intended for this summer, but have been pushed to January.

He also proves himself a philosopher and a gentleman about Winston’s presence (or lack of) in various Ghostbusters properties.

Thanks to Andreas for the tip!

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