Venkman litho for sale

Following the Ecto-1 lithograph offered by 88mph Studios, comes the Peter Venkman lithograph. The print features the Dan Brereton watercolour portrait of Dr. Venkman. Here are the details;

Painted by Dan Brereton, the unique finish of the original was faithfully reproduced with the utmost dedication to quality. Superior printing materials were used to create this exceptional lithograph. The final results are amazing and truly does justice to this stunning work of art.

Price $19.95. Limited Edition. 11 x 17 inches. Printed on high quality, 100lbs thick, Feltweave textured acid free paper (same quality and thickness as the Ecto-1 lithograph). This lithograph is part of a limited series that will each feature one of the four Ghostbusters painted by Dan Brereton. Item is shipping in January 2008. Shipped in a protective acrylic sleave.

Pre-order it at your local comic book store through Diamond Comics Distributor Previews catalog (item code) : NOV07 3541

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